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Helping people and organizations experience their full potential to achieve outstanding personal and business results


Our Values are derived from an acronym - IDEAL.  These values drive everything we do at 3G Action. They represent our unwavering 'IDEAL - Brand Promise' to you, our esteemed clients. 

Here's what IDEAL stands for:   


I - Integrity: we say what we mean and we mean what we say. You can trust us to bring the highest level of professionalism into our business interactions with you.


D - Diligence: we are very thorough and persist until we get the desired solutions. You can trust us to bring 'our all' to our projects and initiatives with you.

E - Excellence: we don’t compromise on quality. You can be confident that we will bring fresh ideas and solutions which will help distinguish you within environments - both micro and macro. 

A - Audacity: we are bold to tell you what others may choose to avoid saying. When you work with us, you can be assured that we will tell you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear.

L - Leadership: we strongly believe that ‘everything rises and falls on leadership’ (John Maxwell).  Working with us will inadvertently raise your leadership ability and that of your team. This way you are better equipped to sustain the momentum, even after we’re gone!

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Tom Oluwole


Certified Coach, Speaker & Trainer (John Maxwell Team)

Founder & Lead Action-Architect 

An Action-Architect listens attentively to the business growth aspirations of the client and designs a suitable action plan to achieve those aspirations. The Action-Architect then works with the client's leaders and teams to ensure those plans are implemented in a way that realizes and exceeds the client's aspirations

The title 'Action-Architect' is not to be interpreted to mean a member of the Architect Profession.

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Tom has been involved in leadership for over 18 years, both as a leader and a trainer/coach of leaders. 

From a career perspective, Tom is passionate about human capital consulting and has been doing this for over 16 years, consisting of 7 years working with the “big-4” consulting firms and 9 years working with executive management teams within organizations. 

With this diverse experience, Tom possesses a unique blend of perspectives from being an external management consultant and an internal business adviser. 

Tom firmly believes that an organization’s only sustainable source of competitive advantage is its people. This is why Tom focuses on systematically combining consulting and coaching techniques to unleash the full potential of people. 

He has a proven record of working with leaders in various industries including the public sector, government, healthcare, financial services, oil & gas, and telecommunications. Tom worked with the leaders and teams of these organizations to drive the successful implementation of business growth and transformation initiatives.

Tom has worked in North America, Middle East & Africa where he has consulted for and coached individuals from over 50 different nationalities. He has delivered consulting & coaching programs in various project scenarios including start-ups, technology implementation, digital modernization, corporate restructuring, and mergers & acquisitions

Tom loves music, he loves to write, sing and dance (although the dancing has reduced with age!). He composed a wedding song for his wife at their wedding and has done a remix of the song to her over the years to the admiration of their two daughters.

As a John Maxwell Certified Trainer, Coach and Speaker, Tom can effectively customize John Maxwell’s globally applied leadership principles to what works best for you and your organization.

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Imisi Olu-Joseph, (M.A, PGD, BSc)
Instructional Designer

Imisi is adept at leveraging innovative instructional design methodologies in andragogy settings, driving performance and learning improvement and empowering global teams,

She also proven expertise in managing teams across international boundaries, creating innovative Learning processes, A/B testing, Research and data analysis, instructional design, Monitoring and evaluation skills, management and curriculum development in West Africa, East Africa and Asia

Analyzed lesson observation data in over 2000 private and government-owned organizations in Kenya, Liberia, Uganda, India and Nigeria.

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Femi Awoyinfa, (MBA, PGD, BSc)
Development Sector Expert

Femi is a highly experienced and accomplished leader with 20+ years’ snr management experience with six international high-impact NGOs/social enterprises.

Over the course of his career, he has built long-term relationships with governments and partners across sub-Saharan Africa.

•He has excellent leadership skills and management competencies required to meet international development challenges

•Successfully launched country operations for not-for-profit organizations in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Malawi, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Burundi and South Sudan

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Busola Sowole, (M.ED, PGD, BSc)
Program Manager

Busola has over 14 years experience in teaching and project management working across different industries and geographies.

She is an enthusiastic educator who ensures her participants are imparted with knowledge by employing specialized learning materials and by creating a unique learning environment.

An experienced project/program manager, she employs leading project management tools and practices to ensure programs are delivered within scope, on time and in budget while maintaining the required level of quality so the objectives are achieved.

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