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Tochukwu Ononiwu 

Brand & Communications Consultant 

Tospecs Consulting Inc. 

The Coaching Program proved vital in steering me in the right direction

Two years after steering my career back on track since arriving in Canada as an internationally trained professional, I found myself at crossroads, having to make a choice between keeping a career in paid employment or veering into full-time entrepreneurship.


On one side, I was comfortable with the economic and social safety of earning a regular salary, while on the other side, I desired the independence and self-accomplishment that entrepreneurship offered.  Getting to meet with 3G Action's Tomiwa at this pivotal intersection proved vital in steering me in the right direction. 


Tom took me through a 6-weeks coaching program focused on fostering a mindset shift, a key factor for every aspiring entrepreneur. His approach and methodology were quite simple, yet thorough, starting off with a questionnaire that allowed a full expression of my aspirations, requisite skills, opportunities that exist within my intending sector, as well as pitfalls to avoid. It was reassuring to hear directly from a well-grounded professional, revalidating my thoughts with time-tested real-case success scenarios.  

The final product from the coaching sessions was a self-determined business blueprint that quickly delivered remarkable results shortly after, and which will remain my guiding reference for a long time. The fact that Tom is accessible, regularly keeping tabs on my progress unprompted, has helped me remain accountable and committed to the milestones we to agreed to during the sessions. 


I look forward to engaging 3G Action to complete the next-level mentorship programs available to me in the future.


Oby Okonkwo


Lexes Hair Collection 

Doha, Qatar


The Coaching Program helped me find and thrive in my business

For some years, I worked a regular day job with a reputable organization. Although I was grateful for the stability of earning a steady salary, I could not see my long-term future in the role or company as I did not really enjoy what I was doing. 

I was at a point where I needed to get some clarity on how to leverage my skills, interest, and passion to fuel a business that could generate money for me and my family.


After going through the Career Shift Program with 3G Action, I got the clarity I needed. The program helped me dig deep and grow in my self-awareness to know what types of business ideas align with my passion. 

I received guidance on how to transition successfully through a plan of action and they regularly checked on me to see how I was progressing against this plan. 

With over 2 years since I did the program and over 1 year of operating my business, I am happy to say I am happy with my transition. My business is well established, profitable, and growing. I am now considering how to expand my operations for greater profit. 

Even after my coaching program ended, 3G Action has continued to check on me which shows personal interest and commitment. I would gladly recommend the firm to anyone seeking clarity on the next phase in career or business. 

IMG-20200315-WA0011 (1).jpg

Olaide Lawal


Unified Dental Care,

Detroit Michigan

The Coaching Program directly impacted our business results

Making a decision to hire a leadership coach was not an easy one for me. I have been an autodidact (self-taught person) all my life hence my standards for what it means to be a coach were unusually high. 

I wanted a coaching program that was not only rich in content but with a coach who has lived and worked the content in integrity for a reasonable period of time. 

I needed a coach that would be patient enough to listen, analyze and synthesize and not just focus on delivering prepared content. 

I found all of these and more from the Leadership Amplified Coaching Program offered by 3G Action! 

The coaching sessions were not the typical cookie-cutter fit-all-in-same-mold I had seen in the past. The coach took the time to customize the content to suit my needs

After every session I knew exactly what I needed to start, stop and continue. The improvements I have made in just the few weeks were remarkable and very noticeable by my team. 

Fast forward 16 months after the program I can confidently say my change in leadership style impacted the engagement of my team. This in-turn positively impacted our business results as we have grown both financially and in dental centres


I would highly recommend 3G Action's services to other business leaders who are looking to grow their leadership abilities and ultimately their business.

Repositioning my business through the Coaching Program

I am so glad we had the coaching sessions. It has been incredibly helpful this semester.


The biggest help has been in reviewing my hourly prices, talking about payment protocol with clients, interacting with new clients, and establishing proper use of my resources like the question bank and notes.


The coaching with 3G Action Consulting has been very helpful and I have implemented everything we discussed!

Amy Bob


Biostat Stars,

Doha, Qatar

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