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Career Coaching Offerings

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When you consider that an average worker spends about 8 hrs a day at work, that's a third of the day. This means that a person has worked for 9 years, has spent an estimated 3 out of the 9 years working - that is a lot of time.


With this in mind,  it is really staggering to note that over 70% of workers do not find fulfillment in what they do. They would rather do something else if they had a way to settle their bills. This high level of unfulfilled workers is largely due to a misalignment between purpose of the individual and the organization, resulting in workers not applying their full potentials to work.


At 3G Action, we have been able to use career coaching to help align individual and corporate goals resulting in an unleashing of the workers' full potentials and increase in engagement. These result in improved business results for the organization.  

Our standard career coaching programs are listed below. We are also able to customize a coaching program to meet your specific needs. 

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Career Clarifier

The first few years of starting a career can be challenging. These challenges usually emanate from a conflict between dreams and reality. Early intervention through coaching has been shown to help professionals navigate this period. 

The Career Clarifer Coaching Program will  help professionals validate their career aspirations and equip them with techniques for linking their academic qualifications, personal strengths/passion with current job realities and the future of work.

This program will improve retention rate and overall job fulfillment of professionals. 

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Career Accelerator

After professionals become clear on a potential career path, there is often a desire to accelerate their career to achieve significant results in the shortest possible time

The Career Accelerator Coaching Program will help professionals identify their top strength areas, which they can leverage to take advantage of opportunities in their environment that can help them accelerate their career.

This program helps to develop leaders and can be incorporated to a corporate-wide leadership development program.

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Limit Breaker

There are situations where professionals feel they have reached a ceiling in their career.  Many times this comes from a need to better understand which aspects of their skills and experience they can leverage to break those seeming career limits.

The Limit Breaker Coaching Program is designed to provide professionals with tools and techniques that will help them evaluate different aspects of their skills and experience. The aim is to identify which aspects provide the highest potential for moving them to the next level. 

The program is designed to unlock latent potential in professionals to rejuvenate career and work experience.

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Career Shift

After some years in a particular career line, it is quite certain professionals decide to explore a different career path or business adventure. Career-to-Career or Career-to-Business transitioning is not as easy as it initially appears. 

Our Career Shift Coaching Program provides professionals with the tools and techniques required to successfully identify, transition, and thrive in the new career path or business line.


This program has been found to be very helpful for professionals who are thinking of exploring another department within the organization or planning for retirement. 

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