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Change Leadership Offerings

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The only constant thing in life is change. Since change is always constant we need to find ways of easily, quickly and seamlessly responding to change. For this to happen change management needs to move from something that we do when we are going through a specific change to something that is imbibed into the way we work - agility and resilience. 

At 3G Action Consulting, our change management offerings are designed to ensure your organization successfully adopts the current changes that are happening in your organization and also ensure the architecture and operations of your organization are better enabled to deal with constant change as they occur within and outside your organization. 

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Change Leadership

More than ever before, the rapid pace and significant impact of change require leaders to have a new set of skills and behaviours to help their teams navigate the volatile, uncertain, complex and uncertain world. 

Change agility is now a critical skill for all leaders and we have the tools and techniques to help you and your leadership team build this and incorporate with your culture.

Our Change Leadership program will equip your leadership team key messages, model behaviour and key enablers for creating an environment that will facilitate change adoption

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Leadership Alignment

Leaders often assume that when they use similar words regarding a change within the organization, that they mean the same thing. But we've observed this is not always the case.  

For a transformation/change to be successful, your leaders need to be fully aligned on the why, what, why, when, who, where and how of the change. 

We can help build alignment within your leadership team through a customized blend of semi-structured interviews, facilitated focus group sessions and workshops 

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Stakeholder & Change Impact Analysis

The change may be the same for the organization but how each person/group experiences the change will be different. An understanding of this helps to develop change management tactics most relevant to each person/group.

We deploy leading tools and techniques to conduct rigorous analysis of how different groups will experience the change and then design the most relevant change management tactics and interventions.

Communication and Engagement

At the heart of every successful transformation is clear, convincing and consistent communication. Majority of the anxieties, uncertainties and fears people experience during change is because they are not adequately engaged through the process. 

We have an approach of 3 I's - Inspire, Inform and Involve which drive how we plan and design the tactics for our communication and engagement. We will deploy this 3 I's approach in designing and delivering the communication and engagement plan for your organization.

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Training and Capacity Building

As people begin to show some levels of engagement with the change, the next area of struggle for them will be trying to understand how they will operate in the 'new environment' resulting from the change.

To help with this, we design and deliver learning programs to enable your team to perform in this 'new environment'. We adapt our tactics to align with the learning preferences of you and your team. This helps to shift the focus from training which is activity-based to learning which is outcome-based.

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Change Monitoring and Reporting

We can only improve what we can measure. However, we recognize that tracking and reporting on how stakeholders respond to change can be quite challenging. 

This is why we have a system that facilitates the collection, analysis, and reporting of relevant data regarding the change. This enables a data-driven approach to managing how your organization goes through the change.  

You will be able to identify team members with a slow adoption and define targeted tactics to accelerate how they adopt the new ways of working.

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