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Executive Coaching Offerings

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You cannot effectively transform an organization until you have transformed the minds of the leaders of the organization. Nothing transforms the mind, in an effective and sustained way better than coaching. If you're able to transform the minds of your leaders, you have effectively begun a sustainable transformation of your organization which will result in significant business results. 

Scroll down to see our standard executive coaching packages. In addition to these, we can develop a coaching program to meet the needs of your business and leaders in a most relevant and impactful way. Contact us to know more.

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Leadership Amplified

Leadership is all about influence. There are various levers you can use to influence your team to get work done. While many levers engage the mind of the team members, only a few levers effectively engage their hearts.

Our Leadership Amplified Coaching Program is designed to help you and other leaders in your team identify levers they can use to effectively engage the hearts and minds of their team members.

This Coaching Program will also help you and your leaders know which levers are better suited for particular team members and in specific scenarios. This will make your leaders masters of both the science and art of leadership.

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Execution Excellence

Ever wonder why the top management team is often referred to as Executive Management? Executives are expected to be the experts at execution. However, we know this is easier said than done.

Our Execution Excellence Coaching Program is aimed at equipping you and your leadership team with the strategies, tools, and techniques to effectively drive execution for themselves and their teams. 

Coming up with innovative ideas is always great. However, what drives results is action and we have compressed into this program the latest thinking to help leaders become willing and able to take the right actions that will achieve desired business results.

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Intentional Inclusion

The world has become a global village and global mobility of labor has never been as high as we have it today. However, high labour mobility also presents a number of challenges for leaders.

How do leaders create an environment that allows people from different cultural backgrounds feel that they matter and are an integral part of the team and organization? 

This is the question that our Intentional Inclusion Coaching Program was designed to answer. 

While there is no silver bullet in dealing with inclusion, this program will help your leaders to be inclusive in a  way that is authentic to them and effective for the organization.

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