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Aida Perez

Snr. Consultant

KPMG Canada

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Segun Olowu

Director, Strategy and Business Architecture


Chioma Akins

HR Leader
Gore Mutual Insurance


Andrew Yacoub

Manager, Deloitte


Georgiana Dumitrescu

Snr. Business Implementation Consultant, CIBC

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Ryan Abott

Director Customer Success
Value Builder System

Meet Tom

Tom is committed to helping professionals experience the fullness of their potential.


Tom pulls from his over 15 years’ experience recruiting talent, managing employee performance and managing careers to help people gain clarity on their career path and the specific things to do to move forward in their careers.

During these last 15 years, Tom has moved countries twice, changed jobs 6 times and has been laid off twice. So he has firsthand experience in moving into new environments and growing his career, even after a momentary setback. Tom is currently Assistant Vice President at League.

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