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Organization Design Offerings

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There is a science and art to the way organizations are structured and designed to achieve desired strategic objectives.  The science refers to elements such as reporting lines, chain of command, span of control. The art refers to interactions between verticals, agility, the culture that is being engendered. 


When these elements are effectively combined, the organization functions efficiently and effectively with each part fully aware of its role and the role of others.


 At 3G Action, we have developed an approach that balances this science and art to develop a fit-for-purpose design for your organization. Scroll down to get more details on our organization design offerings:

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Organization Structure Design

With the drive for a more agile workplace, many business leaders looking for ways to bridge the gap between their existing structure and the workplace of the future. 

Our unique approach to organization structure design incorporates agile principles with the more traditional concepts of functional, matrix, decentralized, team-based structures to identify a fit-for-purpose structure for your organization. 

We also provide implementation support to ensure you and your team understand the functional descriptions, interactions, communication dynamics and roles of individual team members within the organization.

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Job Evaluation & Grading

Business leaders want to understand the relative value of the different roles within their team.  However, evaluating jobs can be challenging especially from an objectivity and efficiency perspective

To help with this, we have developed an approach that accelerates the process of identifying the most relevant job-point factors for your organization. Thus enabling a timely yet objective and efficient way to evaluate jobs. 


This approach evaluates the jobs across some key criteria including impact on business, skills required, financial authorities, and people management responsibilities. This will help business leaders focus their time and resources on developing and compensating the team members based on job grade and performance.

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Job Analysis & Job Description

There are situations where team members struggle to understand their role within a team and how that role interacts with other roles.  Any good leader would want team members to have clarity of roles while ensuring there are no gaps or overlaps.  This allows for clarity in responsibility and accountability.

To help with this, we have developed a comprehensive and adaptable approach to analyse jobs within the context of your organization and develop clear, easy to understand job descriptions. 

We are able to adapt this approach to ensure the job descriptions and team interactions  meet your needs and desired level of detail.

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Performance Management - Organization, Team & Individual

Team members often express that they have an inadequate understanding of how their performance is being measured and rewarded. This ultimately affects their motivation of team members and the overall effectiveness of the team. 

At 3G Action, we have analyzed different types of performance management systems and understand how time-consuming and cumbersome some performance management processes can be. This is why we have developed a simplified yet effective approach to managing performance.

Using this approach, we will work with you and your leaders to design a best-fit process for setting measures, monitoring, reporting, and rewarding performance.

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