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Access your preferred course in three easy steps.

1. Click on the 'Buy now' button to redirect to the checkout page.

2. Login or sign up for an account to proceed with payment.

3. Once payment is completed, select 'My Courses' from the login bar at the top right to start the course.


    Move From Ideas To Results
    • Develop goals that have the potential to move you forward
    • 4Ps to set up a system that helps you achieve your goals
    • Convert the great ideas you have to tangible results
  • B3DM

    Become a 360-Degree Manager
    • Learn how to excel at the 'manager role' at work
    • Understand how to effectively build relationships
    • Learn how to transition from a manager to a leader
  • RACD

    Remove All Career Doubts
    • Remove any doubt regarding your current career
    • Become certain of the right career path for you
    • Leverage the talent & passion assessment for career clarity

    Build Your Unique Value Proposition
    • Breakdown the ambiguity around the unique value proposition
    • Identify what makes you unique
    • Take advantage of the 3Cs to accelerate your career
  • BTFP

    Become the Five-Star Professional
    • Discover the 5 key areas required to stand out
    • Gain awareness of your proficiency level in these key areas
    • Understand why communication, people & leader skills are key
  • AYC

    Accelerate Your Career
    • 3 Courses
    • Remove all career doubts
    • Build Your Unique Value Proposition (UVP)
    • Become a 5-Star Professional
  • DPS

    Demystify Public Speaking
    • The 2Ps that can help you improve your public speaking
    • Case study of one of the most prominent public speakers
    • Tips to take your public speaking skills to the next level

    Develop Your Unique Speaking Style
    • Understand the technique of influencing your audience
    • Learn the "3-2-1 speaker technique"
    • Understand how to structure your presentation
    • Discover the secret to effectively telling stories
  • PYSS

    Polish Your Speaking Style
    • Build your confidence in communicating effectively
    • Take baby steps to unleash your public speaking skills
    • Leverage the POLISH technique to grab attention
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