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Team Effectiveness Offerings

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The word TEAM can also be an acronym, which means Together Everyone Achieves More.  But if you have been part of any team, you would agree that this is not always the case. Sometimes it seems that bringing a team together slows down work. 

The reasons for this come mainly from an assumption that once you bring people together, you have a team without realizing that there are certain structures, processes and social systems that enable a team to become effective. 


At 3G Action we understand these structures, processes and social systems and we have incorporated them into these services to help you create a more effective team, scroll down to know more! 

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Role Clarity

Over 80% of the conflicts that happen within teams stem from the lack of clarity of roles of team members. While there is a global push for more agile workplaces, role clarity within an agile culture is still critical for team effectiveness. 

At 3G Action we employ a blend of organization design principles and agile ways of working to ensure each team member understands their role and that of other team members.

This clarity enhances the overall performance of the team.

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Team Interactions

As role clarity within the team improves, we see teams then begin to struggle to understand how the roles interact.


To help resolve this, we will help assess both the 'hard dimensions' such as roles, processes, approval, communication channels and the 'soft dimensions' such as personality types, organizational psychology and emotional intelligence.

Based on this assessment, we will deploy a range of tools and techniques that enhance interactions within your team.

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Leadership at all Levels

While we know everyone cannot be in a leadership position, we strongly believe that the best organizations have leaders at all levels - people who are thinking, speaking, and acting as leaders.


John Maxwell defines leadership as influence, nothing less nothing more. This drives the approach we employ to generate leadership at all levels within an organization

We deploy this approach such that it engenders a leadership mindset in your team members pulling on the core values of your organization. 

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Team Culture

Culture is one of the most used and most misunderstood words in modern management. At 3G Action, we make it very simple!

We will work with you, your other leaders, and your team to assess your current culture, define your desired culture and work with you to implement and sustain this desired culture within every fabric of your organization. 

This approach engenders buy-in which enhances engagement and overall effectiveness of your team.

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Team Performance

Team members often express a lack of understanding of how their performance is being measured or rewarded. This lack of clarity ultimately affects the effectiveness of the team. 

At 3G Action, we understand how distracting, time-consuming, and cumbersome performance management processes can be, so we're focused on simplifying this.

We will work with you and your leaders to design a fit-for-purpose process for setting measures, monitoring, reporting, and rewarding performance.

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Team Continuity

You may have heard that "The whole is more than the sum of its individual parts". But why is it that when a member leaves a team, the team's performance significantly drops? 

The reason is because the team was built around one person and was not built to continue irrespective of who leaves the team i.e. the team was not built for continuity.


At 3G Action, we have cracked the code on how to weave continuity into the fiber of your team, contact us to know more!

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